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gaQdan is an orchestra specializing in recordings.

The development of digital music has now matured, and orchestral sound sources are once again in the spotlight. In addition to the soundtracks of movies, TV dramas, and TV programs, for which orchestral sound have been widely used in the past, orchestras are now needed more than ever for electronic games, online commercials, and other content. However, orchestral recordings, which require a large number of musicians, do not match the needs of music production, which have changed with the times. With the development of electronic equipments and softwares, the cost of music production has decreased to less than 10% of that of the analog era. Orchestras with large numbers of people have become even more of a hurdle due to the cost of labor and the associated large studios and other expenses.

Good performance is not enough to make a recording.

Unlike a live performance, which can only be heard once, a recorded performance is listened to over and over again, The recorded performance needs to be listened to over and over again, and to be moved each time. A performance to be recorded is a performance to record an impression, It is a unique performance that is not an extension of the performance skills that can be learned in general.